Transform-Actions uses solid wood and plywood for its products.

Plywood is made by gluing together layers of ply with urea resin adhesive assembled in alternated, symmetrical wood grain layers. This delivers stability as well as flexibility and strength, whilst maintaining a specific weight well below solid wood.

Light and weather- and water-resistant, it provides greater stability and is particularly resistant to pressure and impact.

Solid wood comes from the internal, denser part of the timber. “Solid wood” keeps the thickness and homogeneity of the timber intact. This material is particularly admired for its quality and appearance and does not require any special treatments.

The varnish chosen by Transform-Actions naturally enhances and protects the wood: ecological and sustainable, thanks to its water base, it delivers long-lasting protection and contains 90% less solvent than normal varnishes.

Certifications. Transform-Actions uses certified wood, guaranteeing sustainable product and correct forest management.


Okoume wood. Pale wood originating from equatorial Africa. It works perfectly as solid wood or as a base for plywood in boat-building and furniture-making.



Poplar wood. A pale wood very widespread in Central-Southern Europe, particularly suitable for plywood, it offers the major advantage of being lightweight, strong and flexible. Using the most modern poplar cultivation techniques results in a quality controlled product and guarantees compliance with the most stringent environmental standards.




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